Saturday, December 18, 2004

December 18, 2004


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I know that the following is wordy but today’s Mandala invoked in me such a sense of GLORY TO GOD IN THE HIGHEST. The following is something that I have had for a while and read often. It rings true for me but that is only my personal truth and not for everyone.

From the book INITIATION by Elisabeth Haich. Pages 279 and 280.


‘During INITIATION, the divine creative power will flow through your spinal column, reaching each of your major nerve centers in turn, and you will experience this power as a state of consciousness on each level. But remember very carefully what I am telling you now: When you become conscious in one octave and vibration, you are in tune with this frequency, and its whole sphere represents absolute “reality” for you. When you have passed the test in one degree, you will waken in the next sphere and realize that you were only dreaming on the level below. But if you don’t pass the test, that is, if you identify yourself with the events and don’t succeed in remaining master of them, all of these dream pictures remain real for you, and you will have to experience all of them to the very end as real events in the world of time and space. That would mean that your body would die here in this coffin and you would have to go on dreaming your own dream pictures in countless reincarnations, on the path of mortal experience, for many thousands of years while you gradually struggled upward from this lower level to which you would have fallen.

‘The difference between dream and reality is only that what you accept on one level of consciousness as reality immediately turns into a dream when you awaken on a higher level of consciousness and realize that it wasn’t reality at all, but merely a projection of self, in other words a dream. Every dream is reality as long as you believe it to be real the one and only reality, the only objective reality there is, is the self: GOD!

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