Thursday, December 23, 2004

December 23, 2004


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Hi, As an artist, I have to comment, as an artist. The "problem" with the mandala, is all the colors are the same intensity - the yellow is as light intensive as the blue, etc. Though you are using different colors, they are still, basically, the "same" in emotion. You need to find "TONALITY" - VARYING THE SHADES OF COLORS TO MAKE THEM SING OR HARMONIZE. Read anything Cezanne has to say about tonality. Also, listen more to classical music - it's not all "blaring"(same tonality) like modern music which is not music, at all.
Merry Christmas, Regina Glauder, Malibu, CA

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Blogger Christa said...

In defense of using all saturated colors: Johaness Itten, (a member of the Bauhaus) in his huge book, The Art of Color, put forth the idea that different personality types favor different color "schemes." One popular scheme uses all bright saturated colors, as does this mandala. This type, I was taught, should he throw a party, would invite everyone he knows: the janitor, the mayor, the priest, all the neighbors. Exhuberance is the key. As I look around my living room I see this color scheme in folk art from Mexico, Sweden, Africa and France.
Cezanne obviously was a different type---doesn't make him a bad person! :-) Read the book! And have a Bright Happy Colorful Christmas!

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I have only participated in one fantastic seminar conducted by Henry, but my impression is that Christa is right.

Henry would invite everybody!

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You are right! Henry would invite everyone, no matter what frequency they vibrate on.

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The Mandala for this day is showing signs of aggravating my nervous system. I feel agitated and am having trouble breathing. My space is being invaded as well as my privacy.

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