Thursday, December 23, 2004

December 23, 2004


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Hi, As an artist, I have to comment, as an artist. The "problem" with the mandala, is all the colors are the same intensity - the yellow is as light intensive as the blue, etc. Though you are using different colors, they are still, basically, the "same" in emotion. You need to find "TONALITY" - VARYING THE SHADES OF COLORS TO MAKE THEM SING OR HARMONIZE. Read anything Cezanne has to say about tonality. Also, listen more to classical music - it's not all "blaring"(same tonality) like modern music which is not music, at all.
Merry Christmas, Regina Glauder, Malibu, CA

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I have only participated in one fantastic seminar conducted by Henry, but my impression is that Christa is right.

Henry would invite everybody!

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You are right! Henry would invite everyone, no matter what frequency they vibrate on.

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The Mandala for this day is showing signs of aggravating my nervous system. I feel agitated and am having trouble breathing. My space is being invaded as well as my privacy.

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