Tuesday, January 25, 2005

January 25, 2005


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I am seeing in this MANDALA FOUR BLUE/RED GATES TO HEAVEN with the portal located in the middle of the screen/pattern. Below is a message from the book DIVINE ENCOUNTERS.

The question to Yahweh's invisibility was sarcastically posed by a heretic to a Jewish savant, Rabbi Gamliel, almost two thousand years ago; and the answer that was given is truly amazing!
The report of the conversation, as rendered into English by S.M. Lehrman in The World of the Midrash, goes thus:

When Rabbi Gamliel was asked by a heretic to cite the exact location of God, seeing that the world is so vast and there are seven oceans, his reply was simply, "This I cannot tell you."
Whereupon the other tauntingly retorted: "And this you call Wisdom, praying to a God, daily, whose whereabouts you do not know?"
The Rabbi smiled: "You ask me to put my finger on the exact spot of His Presence, albeit that tradition avers that the distance between heaven and earth would take a journey of 3,500 years to cover. So, may I ask you the exact whereabouts of something which is always with you, and without which you cannot live a moment?"
The pagan was intrigued. "What is this?" he eagerly queried.
The Rabbi replied: "The soul which God had planted within you; pray tell me where exactly is it?"
It was a chastened man that shook his head negatively.
It was now the Rabbi's turn to be amazed and amused. "If you do not know where your own soul is located, how can you expect to know the precise habitation of One who fills the whole world with His glory?"

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