Friday, February 11, 2005

February 11, 2005


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DREAM: Sitting in a conference at VIRGINIA BEACH. I am in the back row watching an AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN give a lecture. With our eyes closed we are all in a meditative state. The lecture is now over and he goes to the back of the room to greet his wife and several children. This whole scene seems weird because they are all dressed in ORANGE. I now leave the conference center with my friend Linda; we to go to the beach but when we get there we notice that the sand as well as the ocean is frozen over with snow/ice. No one is allowed to go near the ocean.
CHANGE: We have left the conference and on a bus. Across from me and on the right side of the bus is the AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN. His whole family is with him (still dressed in ORANGE) and I put my hand on his arm in an affectionate gesture so as to show support for his endeavors. John Van Auken is sitting in front of him but keeping very quiet. He seems to be deep in thought and does not want to be disturbed. The bus stops we all get off then I remember that my luggage as well as Linda’s was left on an earlier bus. How will we ever track it down? Linda and I get off the bus and are standing in the middle of a deserted neighborhood. There is a man standing with us that will help us get to where we need to be. He directs us to a bus that will take us back to the A.R.E. HEADQUARTERS. Alternative plans will need to be made. Somehow everything will work but not as we originally planned.

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