Thursday, February 17, 2005

February 17, 2005


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The MANDALA today is totally in my head. I am feeling black and blue.



DREAM: It is around 3 a.m. I am in bed and having a weird feeling. Am I awake or am I sleeping? The room is strange and I am not alone. There are two male energies at the foot of my bed with their countenance being a little brighter then a shadow. I can make out their shadowed forms from the light coming through the window. At first I am terrified and scream but then my terror turns into anger. At this point I am not sure if I acted the next part out or as if in a dream I viewed it from the other side of the room. With my palms open I try to strike both of them but was not able to make contact. Why am I acting so violent when I don’t even know why they have come? Now the pain in my teeth and jaw wake me up because I have been clenching them so tightly that they feel bruised.
CHANGE: I am awake and tell myself to relax it is only a dream. Now I am back into the dream but at an apartment where I lived 19 years ago. The apartment complex is called McAdoo and I have moved back in with my former spouse after signing a contract. Immediately I realize my mistake and want to cancel the lease as I go to the apartment manager to find out if it is possible. He tells me that there is a person that he reports to that will have to make that decision but goes on to say that he already knows what his superior will tell me and that is, “I have entered into a binding contract and must find a way to live within the boundaries of it.”

Yesterday I could not shake a foreboding feeling; very nervous and agitated.
After thinking about this dream all day I believe the McAdoo connection is about an experience that I had 19+years ago while living there. In that dream my living room was filled with a red/blue/white light from a police car parked outside my window. I can see through the walls and there are two men dressed in tan clothing knocking at my door. I tell them that they have the wrong apartment. They move on and knock on other doors. On this night my neighbor actually died and I believe that they were angels coming to help him. This I believe is why I reacted so violently to the two male entities in my experience early this morning. I think that they reminded me of that experience so many years ago.

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