Friday, February 25, 2005

February 25, 2005


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DREAM: I am standing outside, not in the woods but not in the city either. There is a long line of people being assigned sacred books. The books cover many religions and have been chosen because they are the most HOLY. I am the last person in this long line and have been given three pieces of paper. I look at one of the pieces of paper that I am holding and see written on it these words, “HOLY BIBLE…..BOOK OF NUMBERS.”
CHANGE: All of the people that have been put in charge of the HOLY WORDS have come together in a large auditorium. We are to go up onto a stage and recite a small passage from our books. This has already been printed on the one piece of paper for us to read. The few verses catch the essence of the whole book. To my left is sitting an AFRICAN AMERICAN MAN and he gives me the feeling that he is an extremely learned man. It is a privilege to be sitting next to him. Now it is my turn to recite the passage that has been given to me. I go up onto the stage but before I start reading there appears a GOSPEL CHOIR walking onto the stage from four different directions to converge and form one large choir. It is dark and they are holding their arms close to their bodies then all of a sudden like butterflies they raise their arms, the spotlights come on and they reveal the beauty of their robes. Some are wearing... BLUISH PURPLE... while others are wearing... GOLD... All of their faces represent the many nations of the earth. The blend of their voices is in perfect harmony.

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