Tuesday, March 15, 2005

March 15, 2005


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Maybe because of my dream early this morning the center of this MANDALA reminds of a white egg.



DREAM: I am outside and standing with a fairly large group of people. Some are standing on steps while others are standing on the sidewalk next to the steps. I look in back of me and feel as though I am seeing ST. LUKE’S CATHOLIC CHURCH but in reality it could be any church, sacred site, etc. I see a penny on the ground and become aware that this is a signal to pay attention to what transpires next. I put the penny in my pocket then look down to see another penny; I pick the second penny up and hold it in my hand. Standing on a step is a NATIVE AMERICAN INDIAN MAN and I walk over to him, place the penny in his hand then close his hand tightly around it. As I look into his eyes I say, “I HOPE THAT THE NEWS IS GOOD.” I continue walking down the steps when I see another penny with this being the third penny that I have found. I walk down onto the sidewalk and in front of me is another man but not a Native American Indian. This man looks as though he is from INDIA and is EAST INDIAN but with a very light complexion. I am confused now because I do not know what I am supposed to understand. Is it Native American Indians, East Indians or is it indigenous Indians in general from all over the globe? Now I take his hand and place the third penny in it only this time he takes my hand and puts both of his hands over mine looking deeply into my eyes. As I look around there are many different people here and all were hoping for one of the pennies, I could sense disappointment because they did not receive one.
CHANGE: I wake up from this dream abruptly and look at the clock; it is 6:15 AM. I lay back in bed for a few minutes and as though the dream was not finished I go back into dreaming for about ten minutes and hear a voice addressing the people outside the church or holy site saying, “The decision has been made, for you that have been waiting and praying I will reveal the COSMIC EGG.”

Note: Perhaps with EASTER so close the image of eggs was in my thoughts?????

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