Wednesday, April 20, 2005

April 20, 2005


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As I sat watching the primates at the ZOO today I was focused on what they understood. Here we are looking though a glass window and watching them interact with one another in their artificial environment. The trees look real but aren’t, the rocks look real but they aren’t either. Their living space was created by man. I wonder if they know that the trees do not have roots and do not have the vibrations of a living tree? Everything is artificial but created to look real. Do a few of the primates know the difference? Perhaps as humankind we are being observed in the same way. Some people aware and some not that this is but a shadow of true reality. This brings me to today’s Mandala which is beautiful and reminds me of a TANTRA DESIGN that I bought several years ago.....

OM (Aum, Ohm) is "sunya". The great void in Hindu belief. In the sanskrit alphabet, whose vowels are based on sound levels in the body, it is the deepest sound producing the highest awareness and the pure vibration of the Universe. Above the letter is the cresent – the feminine principle of ‘ether’ and above that the DOT (BINDU) – THE BURNING POINT of the innermost self.
It is a symbol of enlightenment, and oneness – WHITER AND MORE BRIGHT THAN THE MOON…..

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