Saturday, April 23, 2005

April 23, 2005


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In this Mandala I see INDIGO BLUE and trying to keep my ideals high can be a real challenge at times.

These are the outer things that are related to this center: (1) the color purple or indigo, (2) the note la, (3) the word name in the Lord’s prayer, (4) the planet Mercury, (5) the “element” cloud, a higher vibration of water, and of course, (6) the church of Philadelphia, and (7) the pineal gland. In Cayce’s cosmology, the influence of Mercury brings the mental powers, as reasoning rather than simply sentiment. Suffering is a part of the journey, especially for the outer, physical self, which must lay down its desires in order to give birth to its true, eternal self……copied over from John Van Auken.

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