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May 3, 2005


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For me this MANDALA looks like an eight petaled flower. I have copied over a few things simply because I love what they are saying.

In the pure water, both the lotus and the slimy scum are found.
The lotus flower is with the scum and the water, but it remains
untouched by any pollution (sggs 990). Through the Gur-Shabad,
my heart-lotus has blossomed forth; God blessed me with the treasure
of devotional worship. My doubt was dispelled, and I woke up; the
darkness of ignorance was dispelled (sggs 950). Associating with Sat
(Truth), cleanse your mind, O Siblings of Destiny, and dwell in the
God's Name. The darkness of ignorance will be dispelled, O Siblings
of Destiny, and your Heart-Lotus will blossom forth (sggs 639).

When the Sun enters the sign of Capricorn, it begins its northward motion. The sun shines in every human body, illuminating the six 'chakras'. Of these chakras, two are most important: the hridaya chakra and the sahasraara chakra. The hridaya chakra has eight petals. God is the Lord of the eight-petaled hridaya chakra. These eight petals are regarded as eight consorts of the Lord. In this context, the Lord is adored in the form of the Sun. The world cannot survive without the Sun. The solar system is derived from the Sun. Hence, the Sun is worshipped as Divine.
The ancient sages adored the eight petaled divine centre in the heart and thereby reached the sahasraara chakra and enjoyed supreme bliss.
The sahasraara chakra has a thousand petals. Each petal carries sixteen phases (kalas). Thus the sahasraara chakra is said to represent 16,000 cowherd maidens (gopikas), while the eight petals of the hridaya chakra are adored as the eight consorts of Krishna.
The syllable 'go' in the word gopikas (cowherd maidens) has four meanings: The Veda, the cow, the earth, and the faculty of speech (vaak). The gopikas derive their different attributes from these different meanings. They chant the Vedas, protect the cows, nourish the earth, and proclaim the glories of the Divine by their speech.

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