Friday, September 09, 2005

September 9, 2005


Anonymous Anonymous said...

This one is really open and happier than some of the other mandalas. Something about a television and media struck me.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

Mandalas are seen as sacred places which, by their very presence in the world, remind a viewer of the immanence of sanctity in the universe and its potential in himself. In the context of the Buddhist path the purpose of a mandala is to put an end to human suffering, to attain enlightenment and to attain a correct view of Reality. It is a means to discover divinity by the realization that it resides within one's own self.

8:48 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

What a beautiful and wonderful soul you are! We truly miss your energy around us, and now you offer it in the way of your loving mandalas. Do you realize (yet) how powerfully healing your efforts are? Do you realize how permanent your work is in the hearts of the recipients? My observations over the years is that many folks with wonderful healing abilities seem to have the ability to temporarily "fix" or "ease" a given problem/issue. Kind of a band-aid-relief. Very helpful for many -- but not long lasting. Your work(s) however offers an easy-to-follow recipe for long lasting help with life's challenges. The Energizer-Bunny of gifted healers. You are a true gift to the world and we honor you for that and feel so blessed to have you as a true heart-connected friend. Know you are so loved and fondly remembered.

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Anonymous Anonymous said...

For days and days I've been thinking I should sit down and draw a new mandala
for myself -- hang it in the kitchen, or wherever focus my thoughts.
I've even got paper, books, markers, etc. on the kitchen table waiting for
me! But just getting one online from you is even better!!!!!! Thank you, Henry! No need to reply -- just consider yourself hugged, and

9:00 PM  

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