Tuesday, November 08, 2005

November 8, 2005


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The Mandalas for both the 5th as well as for today feel as though I am looking down upon our EARTH as the SEVENTH PLANET. The spirals from the Mandala on the 5th also remind me of the same imprint left on ancient sites all over the world; like ancient thumb prints.
.....Carol Nemeth

…..Sumerians texts have been accompanied by illustrations found on clay tablets or drawn on cylinder seals. In texts dealing with the actual space travel between the planets, Earth was designated as the seventh planet – which indeed it is but only if one counts from outside-in, where Pluto would be the first, Neptune the second, Uranus and Saturn third and fourth, Jupiter the fifth, Mars the sixth and Earth the seventh. In those texts, Mars was called “The Way Station” – a stopover place between Nibiru and Earth.

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