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May 11, 2006


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I sent this a few years ago but it is still one of favorites. Today’s Mandala GREEN/RED puts me back in the book titled ‘INITIATION’ by Elisabeth Haich. Ptahhotep talking to the young initiate:

Ptahhotep leads me to one of the white stone blocks of which the walls of the room are made. Pointing to the smooth, white surface of the stone, he asks, ‘What do you see on this white surface?’
‘Nothing I reply.
‘And what could I draw on it?’
‘Now says, Ptah, This Nothing therefore contains Everything. In this condition both together form a perfect unity. Within this unity something can only be recognizable if it becomes separate and distinct from unity.
‘Now watch as I draw, with green paint, the form of a leaf on this surface. The form of the leaf was already there on this stone surface before I drew it, but you weren’t able to recognize it, because the positive form of the leaf and the negative nature of the background were still at rest within each other. They were completely identical. The form of the leaf was not yet separated from the Everything that is contained in the Nothing. When the leaf appeared on the wall, it became separated from the Everything, and therefore recognizable.
‘And remember something very important: the fact that this leaf appears in green colour means that it has left behind in the Everything its form in the complementary colour, in this case red, as its invisible negative picture. Whatever you see as you look about you is only recognizable because it has separated itself from its complementary half and the latter has remained in the invisible, unmanifested state.
‘You can achieve knowledge only through comparing the two sides, positive and negative, which have become separated from each other. As long as these two sides are together, resting in each other, you can’t perceive or recognize anything.

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