Friday, December 08, 2006

December 8, 2006


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so do you acually create a mandala every day? And if so, why? And with what effect?

Would be so interested in chatting with you as I am playing with the idea of integrating the creation of daily mandalas into my doctoral studies as a 'tool' in the documentation of transformation that student teachers go through in there final year of their BEd in the Steiner programme at my uni- my focus is on Steiner's pedagogy of the arts, or more specifically my belief that our current approach to education will never be truly 'holistic' due to its technically rational approach grounded in the sciences which, in turn, will simply never be truly holistic in nature unless we begin to realise that the arts are so much a part of what makes us human - a huge part of the 'whole' so to speak.

wow - thats quite a sentence!! Sorry - its been just as long a day ;-)

anyway - as mentioned - would be interested in knowing more about your creations...


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