Monday, April 23, 2007

April 23, 2007


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This so reminds me of today’s science headline of which I have included a few paragraphs…..

Out-of-This-World Hypothesis: Cosmic Forces Control Life on Earth.

Scientists know the Milky Way is being gravitationally pulled toward a massive cluster of galaxies, called the Virgo Cluster, located about 50 million light years away. Adrian Melott and his colleague Mikhail Medvedev, both KU researchers, speculate that as the Milky Way hurdles towards the Virgo Cluster, it generates a so-called BOW SHOCK in front of it that is similar to the shock wave created by a supersonic jet.
"Our solar system has a SHOCK WAVE around it, and it produces a good quantity of the COSMIC RAYS that hit the Earth. Why shouldn't the galaxy have a SHOCK WAVE, too?" Melott said.
The galactic bow shock is only present on the north side of the Milky Way's galactic plane, because that is the side facing the Virgo Cluster as it moves through space, and it would cause superheated gas and cosmic rays to stream behind it, the researchers say. Normally, our galaxy's magnetic field shields our solar system from this "galactic wind." But every 64 MILLION YEARS, the solar system's cyclical travels take it above the galactic plane.

"When we emerge out of the DISK, we have less protection, so we become exposed to many more cosmic rays," Melott told

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This reminds me of how new things keep being introduced to us each day of our lives and how we have to make decisions on how this will affect us. Thanks for sharing.


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