Friday, April 06, 2007

April 6, 2007


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This feels like something about to take form.


by Alvin Boyd Kuhn


originally published in book form in 1947
by the Liberty Publishing Co. Liberty, Mo.

Other great Scriptures, more specifically than does Genesis, detail how God, after a long sleep, which the Hindus call pralaya, awakes on a new mom, to begin another cosmic cycle of activity. He, like us, has had enough sleep and awakes with renewed desire for bodily exertion. Having thrown off his body at the end of the former cycle, he has to rebuild each time a new body through which to gain consciousness and do his work. We must never forget Alexander Pope's celebrated portrayal of the cosmic nature in his oft-quoted couplet:

All things consist of one stupendous whole,
Of which the body Nature is, and God the soul. [Page 12]

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the Earth in bloom

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