Tuesday, October 30, 2007

October 30, 2007

To read the prayful intent behind the making and sharing of the Daily Mandala go to https://www.intuitive-connections.net/2005/dailymandala.htm


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Again making me think of the spatial fourth dimension.


Speculations on the 4th dimension.
The universe that we live in has only three spatial dimensions. We are limited to length, width, and height, and we can only travel along three perpendicular paths. This page attempts to explain the properties of a hypothetical universe with a spatial fourth dimension. While people generally call time the 4th dimension in the universe we live in, time will be the 5th dimension in my hypothetical universe.

Many fascinating possibilities exist when a spatial fourth dimension is present. Several types of wheels are possible, very complex machines can be built, and many more shapes are possible. Objects can pass by each other more easily, but they are harder to break into multiple pieces. Energy reduces much faster with distance than in the 3rd dimension, so both light and sound are weaker. Much more things can be compacted into a small space, but its much easier to get lost. In this page, I will explore these and many other interesting properties of the fourth dimension. To get started learning about the fourth dimension, go to the introduction.

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Blogger ~enlightenedpsych2~ said...

Hey Henry . . . This one is really unique with the connections all over the place !

sharing the light,
Miss Erica Hidvegi

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