Monday, June 02, 2008

June 2, 2008


Blogger Cheryl Finley said...

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Blogger Cheryl Finley said...

Dear "Henry",
(sorry for calling you Dave in my prior post :)

Wow! Am I glad I found your blog via Sue O'Kieffe's site. Your mandala reminds me of a gathering at the aerial view; inviting and anticipatory. Beautiful!

I too make mandalas for a year now (I've made about 100, stopped counting after a while) and I write the insights they give me on my blog: , and I'm now wanting to go deeper so I wll check out the sites you mention.

Also, I started The Mandala Oasis Online Community at: - You are welcome to join us anytime...we just started June 1!!

Godspeed to you...and I look forward to more Daily Mandalas. By the way, is it OK if I add your blog to my blog link?

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