Tuesday, April 06, 2010

April 6, 2010


Blogger Anny Ballardini said...

a powerful target

11:52 AM  
Anonymous Linda said...

I also got the feeling of
target....and Native American
energy as well.
Love the brilliant colors..
tells me a CLEAR FOCUS...
something we all need to have.
These are amazing, day after
Obviously you are a wonderful
visionary artist, Henry!
I love how you express yourself
in so many creative ways and
your PSI column in Venture Inward
is still my favorite part of the
Keep up the good work/service.

12:41 PM  
Anonymous Margie Grebin said...

"Generating gratitude and purposefulness" Reminds me of stained glass window...Gives off a feeling of stability and endurance...Love and blessings to you, Henry!

6:37 PM  

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